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CMMS Lamproom Control

CMMS Lamproom Control - A&R Engineering

Lamproom Control

Collision Avoidance System

Collission avoidance system - A&R Engineering

Collision Avoidance

Horizontal Transport Management

Horizontal Transport Management controller - A&R Engineering

Horizontal Transport

National Presence

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Excellence through training

Fully accredited MQA training centre

People is key to all success. It is with this belief that we role out any project. This is why we are fully committed to provide training that is focussed on empowering the workplace.

A&R Engineering has also kept abreast with the latest QCTO changes in the Skills Development arena.

We are proud to say that we are very involved in the process for developing new QCTO Qualifications for the;

  • TMM Operator
  • Lampsman
  • Lamproom Assistant




Group of Companies


Embedded IQ

Involved in the mining, industrial and scientific research industries since 2003 Solutions through developing innovative electronic platforms and systems Technical ability in the following key areas;

  • Hardware expertise allows for developing platforms ranging in complexity
  • Competence in the development of real time software solutions
  • Significant experience in the use of communications and localisation technology and algorithms
A&R Engineering

A&R Engineering was established in 1978 and is currently employing and developing 300 plus people Supply products and service for underground and surface transport in the mining sector Focus on Improving safety through technology Comprehensive product range including;

  • Surface and Underground Proximity Detection Systems
  • Missing Persons Locator System (Active and Passive Technology)
  • Systems for Front Driven and Remote Battery and Diesel Locomotives
  • Energy Efficient Charging Systems
  • Digital Information Management and Communication Systems
Lamproom Solutions & Consulting

Established in 2000 Full outsourcing on Lamprooms;

  • Skilled LSC workforce, employing more than 200 people
  • Management of Turnkey Projects
  • Impressive compliance track record through standardization of Lamprooms and Procedures
  • Management App

Comprehensive Automation Systems ensuring adherence and compliance to the Mine Code of Practice Providing industry with comprehensive reporting and support to improve safety (Asset Tracking and Utilization) First to Develop and Implement the National Certificate in Lamproom Management