Underground PAS 1000 – Full Slow Down and Stop:

Glencore Waterval

Foundations of Asset Management

Foundations of Asset Management Diagram

Lamproom Automation

Lamp Room Equipment return monitor display

Benefits to the client:

  1. Central Control Point
  2. Ensure all Personal Equipment and Tags is correctly allocated and in working condition
  3. Prevent Unauthorized use of equipment
  4. Tracking of Proximity Events and Reporting

Scope of implementation:

  • System can be tailored to clients exact needs to cater for all controlled equipment on his site.





Wideband Time of Flight

Time of Flight Diagram

PVD Distance explained detection and Warning

Person to Vehicle Detection





Person to Vehicle Detection Tag

Caplamp PVD tag

The fundamental task of the system is to determine the distance between pedestrians, vehicles and beacons.


In an Emergency, the tag is there to stop a vehicle by inverting the tag upsidedown

Person to Vehicle Proximity Detection

Person to Vehicle Proximity Detection

Component Overview

Vehicle component overview

High Risk – 6 Antenna System Low Risk – 4 Antenna System




Information Flow

Lamproom Data Logging & Reporting

Reporting and Availability of Management Information

Personnel underground Sheet

Equipment Control Sheet

Personnel tracking and infringement history

Personnel Infringement sheet

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