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A&R Engineering is always pushing the boundaries of technology in the field of horizontal transport for the mining sector. This is done to contribute to a safer work environment and to improve production. New technology often creates a skills gap when introduced into the workplace. A&R experienced this both in our own workforce and in that of our clients. Thus in 2007 A&R decided to address this in a formal and structured way and invested in a training centre that in the same year received its provisional accreditation from the Mining Qualifications Authority.



The A&R Training Centre has now been fully accredited with the MQA for the past 8 Years and our current scope of accreditation include the following qualifications;

Mining Qualifications Authority

  • National Certificate: Millwright NQF3
  • National Certificate: Electro Mechanic NQF2,3 & 4
  • National Certificate: Lamproom Operations NQF3
  • Skills Programme: Safety Rep (Endorsed by DMR)



Promotion Path Diagram

We use these qualifications to invest in and uplift our own employees and to give young people opportunities at a better future. When taking on learners in a Learner ship the exit strategy is set from the start and all learners that complete their qualification will be offered an opportunity to become an A&R Service Technician. This ensures purpose driven training and development that is focused on creating highly skilled Millwrights with very specialized skills in horizontal transport. These young relatively inexperienced employees can immediately after qualifying start contributing to the workplace. This approach to Skills Development also greatly facilitates transformation in the work place and assists A&R to contribute to BBBEE and Employment Equity.

We use this same accreditation to capacitate our clients’ employees, fully unlocking the potential of our equipment where it is working for them. In this regard we know that one of the biggest challenges facing training on the mines is time off from work for training. Thus we more often than not perform on site and on the job training. In bigger projects we’ve trained operators on three shifts for extended periods.

We do all this with one goal, improve safety whilst keeping production at heart. This is critical to the smooth operation of our clients.


In 2008 A&R realized there is no formal qualification for a Lamp Person or any accredited training for the skills required in a Lamproom for that matter even though it is one of the oldest occupations in the mining sector. We initiated the process of developing a new unit standard based qualification for the Lamp Person and Lamproom. This resulted in the National Certificate: Lamproom Operations and other Lamproom Skills Programmes that was registered in 2010 through the MQA at the South African Qualifications Authority.

Skills and Job Requirement diagram

Amendments made to the Skills Development Act in2008 is busy changing the skills development arena completely. A&R is staying ahead of the change and we’ve stayed involved with qualification development process. Currently we are part of the qualification development team for the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO). Qualifications that have been developed and is awaiting registration include; National Certificate: Millwright, Lampsman, Photo‐Voltaic Technician and Photo‐ Voltaic Installer.

Skills Development and training is a powerful tool to combat unemployment and bring about transformation. With this belief, our training centre is dedicated to quality learning for the present and future.

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