Proximity detection

  • Dual RF based proximity detection
    • 868MHz GMSK comms
    • 3.75 – 4.25GHz UWB allows time of flight (TOF) calculation
  • Visual & audible warning for miner and driver.
  • Accuracies between miner and vehicle of better than 1m.

Proximity Awareness System

Amandelbult Surface PAS 1000

Vehicle System and Pedestrian Beacon

  • Uses time of flight of a round trip RF signal (Tag  Beacon  Tag) to make distance estimation.
  • Distance from more than one beacon (anchor) can be used to determine position.





Wideband Time of Flight

Time of Flight




Information Flow

Lamproom Data Logging & Reporting

Reporting and Availability of Management Information

Personal Data Logging Report

Equipment Control Sheet

Personnel Tracking and Infringement History Printout

Personnel Infringement Sheet

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