Proximity Awareness System

PAS 1000

Proximity Awareness System

Hand Sensor

Proximity Awareness System

  • Active Display
  • Modular System with CANBUS communication
  • Retardation and stopping facility available (OEM to Interface)
  • Triple Technology: Time of Flight / VLF / UHF
  • Self Diagnostic System
  • Extensive Reporting
  • Fail to aafe when interlocked
  • Wi-Fi communication to the System
  • Driver Access Control
  • Robust Design
  • Compulsory Pre Shift Safety Check

Vehicle to Pedestrian

Vehicle to Vehicle

Installation Focus Area

Tip Solutions and Workshop Solutions

Installation Focus Area Diagram

Operational Focus Area

Monitoring of Infringements and coaching of operators and pedestrians

Personal Tracking & Infringements History

Personnel Tracking and Infringement History Printout

Personal Infringement

Personnel Infringement printout

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Lessons Learnt

  • Teamwork and communication between vehicle suppliers must be optimal. (Waterval - A&R, Neurospec and R&G)
  • The period between Installation and cold commissioning must be as short as possible. This is the most likely time for PVD Equipment to be damaged without being noticed immediately
  • Tag installation and testing must be done correct from the start. It is crucial that each and every tag is working before cold commissioning can commence
  • Lamproom RF Antenna – Tells lamps they are in the Lamproom and vehicles is not a threat
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