Hybrid Traction Battery Charger

Energy Saving

Hybrid Traction Battery Charger

The Hybrid charger is designed to charge a lead acid battery in the shortest possible time in order to limit battery temperature and reduce mains power consumption.

Unlike conventional chargers the Hybrid has no transductor, current and voltage is controlled by means of an IGBT circuit.

"Proven Energy Saving Technology"

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The charger is available for 600 or 800 A/H charging capacity.

A potential free contact is available for automatic top up systems. This will allow topping up to take place as soon as the constant current charge is completed.

Temperature sensors can also be fitted to the battery for cell temperature monitoring.

In the event of a mains failure the charger will resume the charge at the point of interruption as soon as the mains power is restored, providing the battery stays connected.

Control Card Display Diagram

Control Card Display

Hybrid Traction Battery Charger Display

The Charger Control Card is mounted to a front and membrane switch panel containing Start and Stop buttons, Ammeter, Voltmeter, 42/60 cell indicators and a row of 9 LED’s.

The Red led indicates Fault.

The 6 Yellow and 2 Green LED’s indicate the state of charge of the battery. For this description, the LED’s are numbered 1 to 9, with 1 being the Red led.

When the battery is connected the control card will automatically switch to 42 or 60 cells.

Technical Specifications
Supply Voltage 550V +/- 10%
Supply Current 600 A/H 20A
800 A/H 30A
KW Rating 600 A/H 18Kw
800 A/H 25Kw
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