Comprehensive Mine Management System


Lamp rooms

  • Certificates
  • Licenses
  • Minimum Equipment
  • Access Management
Underground equipment

  • Equipment Utilization
  • Events
  • Access to Vehicles

  • Zone Trespassing
  • Proximity Events
  • Tracking time at work
  • Role Allocations

IT Integration

Lamproom Network


1. LMS Server

  • Issue stations
  • Repair stations
  • Test stations
  • Verification stations


2. 3rd Party Equipment

  • Auto Gas-testpoints
  • Downloading systems
  • SCSR Leaktest equipment


Information Integration

Information Integration diagram

LMS Overview

  • Interface with all systems (Human resources and Access control)
  • Caters for all the standard Lamproom Equipment plus any other requirement i.e. Vehicle keys, Radios, Torch Kits, Safety Equipment (Harnesses etc.), First Aid Bags
  • Easy to configure and assigning of equipment specific actions
  • e-Reporting
  • Remote support
  • Remote access – “as is” information available to the Manager

Points to ponder

  • Review your requirements – risks
  • Successful lamproom is dependent on 24/7 effective management – trained competent shift supervisors and replacement personnel required
  • With LMS you are not “locked-in” with an OEM
  • Ongoing support – training, system, hardware
  • Standardization
  • Career-paths for employees
  • Reduced risk – employee and employer
  • Reduction (± 15%) in capital equipment possible

Full Outsourcing Benefits

  • Fixed monthly costs
  • No labour issues
  • Proven systems and procedures
  • Ensured compliance and due diligence
  • Availability of trained personnel
  • Reduced risk

CMMS - Lamproom

Control, Manage, Test and Report on Managed Equipment

Network and Infrastructure Overview

Network and Infrastructure Overview diagram


Network and Infrastructure Overview diagram 2

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