Collision Avoidance System

Warning Only

  • Vehicle to Vehicle Warning
    • Warning Zone
    • Critical Zone
  • Vehicle to person Warning
    • Active tag integration required
  • Control Measures for high risk areas
    • Tips
    • Refuelling Bays
  • Audio Visual warning from Vehicle Indicator Module to all surrounding employees
Collision Avoidance

  • Vehicle to Vehicle
    • Warning Slow down/ Retardation Zone
    • Critical / Stop Zone
  • Vehicle To Person
    • Warning Slow down/ Retardation Zone
    • Critical / Stop Zone
  • Control Measures for high risk areas
    • Tips
    • Refuelling Bays
  • Audio Visual warning from Vehicle Indicator Module to all surrounding employees

To change the system from an Warning System to a Collision Avoidance System all that is needed is interface with the Vehicle OEM. The system can be implemented as a warning only system first and be upgraded to an avoidance system at a later stage

What does our system offer?

You will always get reliable and repeatable proximity detection! This is ensured by the use of Triple Technology in our Solution;

  • Dual RF Technology
  • Time of Flight Technology

About the group

A&R – Established in 1976

LSC – 2000

Embedded IQ – 2003

Technical Expertise

  • In depth product development knowledge
  • Dedicated team of engineers
  • Dedicated team of support specialists
  • MQA accredited training facility

Local infrastructure supporting key mining areas


  • Horizontal transport management
  • Mine locomotive monitoring and control
  • Data acquisition systems for heavy mining machinery & industrial applications




  • Supply of rugged, reliable products for harsh environments
  • Hi-tech system architectures
  • Safety critical vehicle control
  • Data logging software infrastructure
  • Remote data upload and processing
  • Data visualization and reporting
  • Diesel & CNG Engine monitoring and management system

Key factors to consider by the User

  • Locally designed and manufactured
  • Ongoing development and improvement of the system
  • Close support where the product is being used, minimizing breakdown time
  • Skilled, competent Technicians
  • Holistic product implementation approach;
    • Installations and commissioning teams
    • Operational and Technical Training Teams
    • Assistance with Change Management
    • Developed OEM Training and Assessment Material

Foundations for effective PDS in the Mine Environment

Foundations for effective PDS in the Mine Environment diagram





Proximity Detection

  • Rugged compact modules use proprietary enclosure design and construction to improve durability.
  • Heat resistant, rugged looming using MIL-SPEC connectors.
  • Visual & audible warning for miner and driver.
  • Detection accuracies of better than 1m to a range of 30m.
  • Ranging signal processing engine calculates distance and direction of multiple threats relative to vehicle

Time of flight

Uses time of flight of a round trip RF signal (Tag Reader Antenna Tag) to make distance estimation.

Distance from more than one antenna of the reader is used to determine position.

Time of flight diagram



Pedestrian Tag

Critical component: The pedestrian tag

  • Rugged design and construction
  • Indication to pedestrian via LED & buzzer
  • Nonvolatile storage for tag events and personnel data
  • Integrates with Control System, Asset Tracking and PDS functionality
  • Tight integration with Control System ensures all tags are functional before proceeding to work area
Lamp tag: Product Certifications
SANS 222 - CISPR-22
SANS 61000-4-2 – Criterion B
SANS 61000-4-3 – Criterion A
Ex ia I/IIC T4

Detection zones (circular or arbitrary)

Awareness Zone Display Diagram

Control Systems Integration Diagram

Control Management System Background

  • 14 years of operational experience has been built into the system
  • Caters for much more than a stand-alone system and is a management system and not a ‘blocking’ system
  • Ensures compliance to Mines COP and business rules
  • This risk control system has been adopted by several mining houses as the basis of their CMSS (Comprehensive Mine Safety System)

System Functionality

  • The System’s main purpose is to enforce site specific business rules as per customer requirements
  • System is configurable according to site requirements
  • The System caters for any controllable device or equipment that can be added at any time

Equipment Return Screen

Personal Tracking and Infringement

Personnel Infringement printout

Personnel Registered Infringements Printout



World Map






How does this compare Internationally?

EMERST has set out a description for the different levels of control. We are compliant and able to offer valuable inputs and products on all levels. We can immediately start with the implementation of a Warning System without any third party involvement



LSC Equipment

Our PDS Solution provides for level 6 – 9 controls

It is however very important to note that for level 9 controls to be implemented the mine must have the full cooperation from the Vehicle OEM.

The vehicle OEM must provide the needed interface for collision avoidance or Intervention Controls to be implemented

Our company can implement level 6 – 8 controls fairly quickly with the cooperation of the mine

IMPORANT: The mine management system assist in enforcing Level 1 – 6 controls from the start of the project

Incident Preventative Control Levels

As published on the EMERST website


Equipment Specification, standards, mine design/plans









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