A&R and Renewable Energy

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An environmental approach

Solar Panels

A&R has always been on the forefront of DC powered systems in the mining sector. Thus growing our business interest in Photo Voltaic Energy is a natural business development process.

We take the Green Economy very serious and also believe in reducing our carbon footprint we’ve installed an 8 Kilowatt Peak System at each one of our four branches and factory in South Africa.

Using state of the art reporting technology we are able to track our power generation and usage. With real time data we can access any one of the five sites at any time and download or just check up on the health of the system.

How did we manage this?



Project Approach

Our Associates

Over the past 6 years we as A&R have built a strong business relationship with Nedsol in association gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience.

A&R Engineering’s local presence, infrastructure combined with our international counterparts is a formidable team in the South African market and can contribute to any project be it through the actual work that must be done training or project Management. We are especially committed to developing skills from the local community utilizing our Accredited Training Centre with tried and tested selection and recruitment processes.

We can offer assistance in an integral approach characterized by a deep commitment to create value, whereby assisting the client in addressing complex transformational challenges by developing innovative and practical solutions. The services we can offer;





Design and development

A&R and Nedsol is able to assist in the design and development stage of large-scale solar projects. Typically, this includes assistance on project sizing and optimization of design. We have an in-depth understanding of current solar technologies and are able to assess the proposed technology. Once a suitable technology has been proposed we are able to modulate different system configurations to ensure they are electrically compatible and optimized for the maximum yield output.

Technical feasibility

We are able to compose a variety of engineering disciplines and experience to assess the technical feasibility of developing a solar PV plant. The feasibility reports determine the technical feasibility of progressing with construction which can then be used to assist in accessing finance.

Suitable technologies can then be recommended including modules, inverters, mounting and tracking systems which are optimized for the site location. A preliminary layout design can be provided, after that A&R and Nedsol can give a prediction of the expected energy yield and uncertainty analysis which will feed a simple or detailed financial model.

Financial feasibility

A robust financial model is a critical component of a solar power plant feasibility study and A&R and Nedsol provides assumptions for the technical inputs to develop a simple or more complex financial model, depending on the stage of plant development. A&R and Nedsol in conjunction with her funding partners can assist you with this.

Construction monitoring and acceptance testing

We can monitor the delivery of construction work on large utility-scale developments and advise the client on whether work is being carried out in compliance with the EPC contract in collaboration with A&R Engineering and in line with the planned schedule and to an industry-standard quality. We can arrange recognized electrical, civil, environmental and health and safety teams to provide specialist support. A&R and Nedsol can conduct construction monitoring services entirely to the requirements of the project, with site visits coinciding with key EPC milestone events.

Potential Project Management Cost / Engineering; (the scope)

Potential Project Management Engineering cost/scope

Considerations for Procurement

Considerations for procurement diagram

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