900 CT

Loco Controller

Operational Features

  1. Air Cooled Design-Components easily accessible
  2. Low Maintenance-Less components
  3. Available as single or twin drive
  4. Single logic with diagnostic LED’s
  5. Simple installation – no grid resistors required. CT with grid
  6. Electronic card interchangeable for single and dual drive
  7. Self centring Direction/Speed Control Lever
  8. Over speed Protection – standard with audible alarm
  9. Neutral Brake Facility – standard
  10. Control Centre for lights and siren
  11. Battery State indicator with Hour Meter
  12. Coded Key and Switch
  13. Fault and Run indicator for driver
  14. Audible indicator and lock-out of incorrect start up sequence
  15. Emergency Stop Push Button
  16. Remote and RLC compatible
  17. Emergency Stop facility-standard
Safety Features

  1. Switch on Sequence
  2. Controlled Acceleration
  3. Motor Current Limit
  4. Constant Current Plug Braking
  5. Line Contactor Timer
  6. Fail Safe
  7. Short Circuit Protection of Main Transistor
  8. Stalled Motor Protection
  9. Automatic Shutdown
  10. Indication of Speed Potentiometer Centre
  11. Over speed Control
  12. Potentiometer Integrity
  13. Line Contactor Failure
  14. Speedometer/Battery Fuel Gauge with Hour Meter
  15. Neutral Braking
  16. Vigilance control
  17. Auto Dynamic
Technical Specifications
Supply Voltage 84 VDC Nominal
150 VDC Maximum
70 VDC Minimum
Current Limit Adjustable
220 A Minimum
340 A Maximum for 5 minutes
Maximum Pulse Frequency 500 Hz
Dynamic Brake 2.5 Times Full Load Current
Single Logic Card Reverse Polarity and Fuse Protection
Acceleration time set at ± 6 Seconds
Temperature protection on devices
Line Contactor isolation for Fail Safe Condition
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